In the following, you will find some more FAQs. If you do not find an answer to your question, send me a direct message or post your question on the Q&A board.

Q1: The video / audio quality is poor. What can I do?

A1: This course is screencasted in HD Quality (720p).  Low/volatile video quality (e.g. blurring) or slow speed can be caused by:

  1. Slow/volatile internet connection. Even the best internet connection can have slowdowns. Check your connection and your location to the next WiFi Router!

  2. The Udemy Autoplay function has it´s weaknesses. If you experience blurring, it can be helpful to turn off Autoplay and to select quality manually (720p or 480p).

    If you now experience skipping, pausing, or loading with 480p (or even lower), this is a strong indication that your connection is too slow!

  3. Udemy Server Problems. If this happens frequently, send them a message!

  4. Check this for more information.

In any case, please keep in mind that technical problems / poor quality / low speed are beyond my control. Thanks!

Q2: Why do you ask me for a review after the very first few videos?

A2Apologize for this. Instructors are asking Udemy the same question all the time. It´s their standard setting to ask for a review after the first few videos. This does not make any sense for courses with more than 20 hours of content. I would ask you earliest after two or three hours. But: This is not in my discretion and I cannot control this!

+++ Important: If you get asked too early to give a well-founded review, please do not click randomly on any stars! Click on "ASK ME LATER" and continue the course! Don´t waste your vote! Thanks a lot! +++

Q3: How important are reviews?

A3: For instructors, fair, well-founded and appropriate reviews are very important! Your review / feedback helps to further improve the course and motivates / enables me to

Your contribution matters!

Q4: Will I be able to follow the course without doing the coding exercises?

A4: Yes. The coding exercises are separated from the rest of the course and they have their own datasets. The exercises are an additional offer to practise and master the content that you will learn in the course. Therefore, doing the exercises is highly recommended, but it is not mandatory.

Q5: I will attend the course without doing the coding exercises. Do I need to download and install Python/Pandas/Anaconda?

A5: No. In this case, you can simply watch the videos.

Q6: Is the download of Python/Pandas/Anaconda free of charge?

A6: Yes, it´s free and open source.

Q7: I do not use Jupyter Notebooks / Anaconda Distribution for Python coding. How can I do the coding exercises?

A7: There are many ways to set up Python. I do believe that the Anaconda Distribution is the easiest way for beginners and more experienced users to install and maintain a Python Data Science Environment and to perform Data Science and Machine Learning on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

The coding exercises contain lots of embedded text (headers, instructions, hints) and images and are therefore optimized for use in jupyter notebooks. If you have not used jupyter notebooks yet, this is the opportunity to do so in order to get the best learning experience.

I am considering to provide the exercises in .py format upon request. Send me a message!

Q8: The download/installation of Anaconda does not work or I cannot open/use the downloaded jupyter notebooks and/or datasets

A8: Before you leave / quit the course:

  1. Have a look again into the videos, where these steps are explained in detail (Lectures 13 and 16)

  2. Follow the provided links to the official documentation website and have a look there.

  3. Send a direct message or post your question/problem on the Q&A Board.

We will get your problem solved!