This course is recommended for anyone who is interested in data analysis and illustration (business analyst, researcher, social science expert, programmer, etc.). This course shows you how to combine the two popular SQL and R technologies used in data analysis. SQL is essential for communicating with relational databases, the type of database in which most of the world's data is stored. R is a statistical data analysis tool that uses SQL to interact with databases to build charts, maps, reports, images, and even web applications that incorporate data into a final product. By taking this course, you will learn the basics of a skill that is invaluable to employers around the world. This course will be faster for people who have previous experience working with the command line interface and SQL and R.

Experience combining SQL and R for data analysis and visualization purposes; Learn to write SQL queries that can retrieve and summarize data stored in a database; Discover statistical analysis and R-visualization capabilities and see how R uses SQL to interact with databases. Learn how to create data-driven graphical images in databases using R and learn how to use RStudio features to simplify and streamline the analysis process. Casimir Saternos has been working in IT since 1999 as a software architect, software engineer, system engineer, developer and database administrator. He teaches Linux, R and Oracle SQL. He has numerous certifications (statistical inference, R programming, etc.) and has written articles on R, SQL and Java on and several other sites.He is also the author of Client-Server Web Apps with JavaScript and Java